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Website Design: Top 3 Conventions That You Need to Follow

It is an undeniable fact that it is important to follow the trends in order to be unique. However, being relevant in the market is even more important and that can be done by sticking to the successful conventions. This is because users are accustomed to moving around a certain way on websites like having a navigation bar at the extremely top of the page and a consistent image style. So, if you make any of the changes in these kinds of conventions that have been loved and celebrated by users over the years, there are high chances that you might confuse the users. And when the users are confused, you can be left with lower conversion rates and which consequently affects the overall sales of your business. Businesses even hire a full-fledged web design and development company to ensure the best results. However, to have a better understanding, let us discuss some of the top 3 conventions that you need to follow to get the desired results.


  1. Logo Placement

One of the major factors that are often overlooked is the placement of the logo. Well, it is considered as one of the most significant factors when it comes to sticking to conventions. Because they are not only placed on top of the page to give your business a space to introduce itself in the beginning but because it is placed at the top left, there are more chances for the users to remember it. Hence, 99% of the logos are placed on the extreme left of the page on any website. Apart from that, its sizes should also be considered as there are many people who make their logos unnecessarily big and end up breaking the sink with the design of the website. So, make sure to give it a size that is between too big and too small.

  1. Content Hierarchy 

Another convention that should be considered in order to come up with a superb design is to create the content hierarchy. In other words, it means that the content that is present on the website should be made up of headings, subheadings, and paragraphs. For instance, heading one should be used only once at the beginning on the top side of the page. And that is exactly the same area that should contain the core message and value of the page, kind of like a summary of the page. And similarly, make consecutive headings after one another numbering them as two, three, and four, and so on. Also, make sure that the headings are keyword-focused that can aid with SEO and bring traffic.

  1. Main Navigation 

Lastly, website navigation is one of the most prominent conventions that has been working well to help the users find the information that they require on the website. So, make sure that you place the main navigation along at the top of the page on either side of the logo whether above or below the logo. Also, a crip main navigation can also decrease the number of pages that are present on the website. This can be determined by ensuring no more than three levels for sub-navigation. So, this way you can help your users with exactly what they want rather than overwhelming them with loads of pages to search from. 

So, these are some of the top 3 conventions that you can follow in order to make your website design effective. However, you can easily get the best results by simply hiring a professional and considerably experienced web design and development company like Auxesis Infotech. It not only has a good team of well-trained developers but it has also catered to different companies from different industries.

Reasons Why Drupal Agency Claims it as the Evolving CMS Platform for 2021

The popularity of Drupal is spread worldwide as they have gained over a million users all across the world. This open-source content management platform has shown ways to make the web development process easier and more flexible. And statistics say, it is here to stay! 

Further, the Drupal agency that works on this platform reveals how the content management system is ever-evolving so that it can keep up with the client requirements continually. The present scenario for web development demands a lot of interaction with the customers and Drupal having flexible and custom modules helps users significantly.

The web developers believe there’s more room for evolution considering the customized themes, COPE method, and improved user experience. Further, look at the various reasons that specify Drupal as the effective CMS platform in 2021. 

Why Drupal is a Must-have CMS Platform in 2021? 

Continuously Improving 

Drupal is continually evolving with modern technologies by its side. The new-age open-source coding system incorporates flexibility in the development of web solutions. In today’s age with evolving technologies, one has to choose a platform that can match this rapid pace and Drupal ensures the same. 

Customized User Experience 

Every business nowadays targets potential customers by developing a website with a personalized user interface. They understand every business is unique and need their website theme accordingly to resonate with their brand image. 

The personalized experience it provides to customers is one of the many reasons why Drupal agency believes in its future prospects. 

Integration with marketing tools 

Since the ultimate goal is to increase the return on investment (ROI) by improving customer engagement, relying on popular marketing tools seems like the best idea for entrepreneurs. However, not every CMS framework functions in sync with these marketing tools. 

In a dire situation like this, CMS platforms like Drupal are the savior for businesses as they integrate well with popular marketing tools. One can also use the Google Analytics module to determine their website performance or integrate with e-commerce technologies. 

Compatible with SEO Techniques 

Drupal utilizes a metatag module that helps businesses manage the way content is displayed on the search engines. Furthermore, various APIs and SEO protocols are also compatible with Drupal. 

These are a few reasons why Drupal agency believes it to be a CMS platform entitled to rule in the up and coming years. While at it, if you are considering developing a website that is flexible and futuristic, is a name that’s popular in the industry. You will be able to look for quick and efficient Drupal development solutions from here. 

The Most Important Reason To Go For Drupal Development

With the increase in the number of businesses going digital, the demand for a functional website has also increased. And when we think of building one, Drupal is the first name that comes to our mind. But the real challenge comes when we have to choose the right Drupal development company. As any web development agency can build a website yet, very few can build an effective web design that can suit your business needs and can benefit your enterprise at its optimum.

The development agency should specialize in providing end-to-end results for Drupal-based projects so that it can help you meet your desired goals. But just like the process of building a website, finding the right agency has a whole lot of layers to it. So, to make it easy for you to decide, let’s discuss the top qualities that make a Drupal development agency effective.

The most crucial thing you should look for in a Drupal agency is its experience. Because to understand a complex content management system like that of Drupal, the agency has to have considerable years of experience. The agency having a good number of experience guarantees knowledge of the industry. Also, an experienced agency can easily understand the needs of your business and make an easy and effective work plan for you. Besides, a skilled agency can not only offer you cost-effective services in the limited time frame but it can also help you gain the most of the essential functionalities that Drupal provides. They also make the process of website management simple through effective communication regarding the services being provided to you. 

Another very important feature of an effective Drupal development company is its testimonials as it justifies the experience and expertise that the company is promising for. Because every successful agency regardless of its size has happy customers who can express their overall experience with the agency. With the help of these impressions, you can have an overall idea about the working process, strategies of the agency, and its efficiency. If the agency is having a proven success record in different niches and industries for website development along with positive customer testimonials, it makes it easier for you to understand its capacities for your concerned project. Client testimonials and referrals provide the transparency between you and the agency which plays a key role in deciding of hiring that agency. Apart from this, an agency’s capabilities can also be measured through its project management. Hence, comes the need to consider the impressive portfolio as an important trait of a Drupal development agency.  As every project has its deadline or time frame in which it has to be finished, you have to check whether the company can satisfy your needs and expectations in the given time frame. 

We believe that we have helped you narrow down your choices through these top qualities that can make a Drupal development agency effective. Considering all of these, Auxesis Infotech can be the perfect fit for your project as it is known to be the leading Drupal development agency that has years-long experience of delivering top-quality results with its expertise in varied projects under different industries and a team of supremely skilled developers and designers. 

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Why Choose Drupal for Building Your ECommerce Website?

Planning to build an e-commerce website? Well, that’s a task in itself because it takes a lot more than just selling your products online to have a successful e-commerce website. From having an easy navigation system, fast loading pages, precise description to managing your data, and maintaining the client interaction, all things contribute together to a successful online store. Although numerous content management systems in the marketplace can help you sell your products online yet Drupal is one of the most preferred ones for building e-commerce websites. So, what’s so different about Drupal development? Well, that’s because it’s a complete solution as it provides flexibility, scalability, functionality, maintenance, and integration. Let’s take a deeper dig to have a better understanding of why you should choose Drupal for building your e-commerce site


One of the major things because of which Drupal is known as the leading content management system is that it is a fully open source. It provides the availability of all its modules and features without asking for any fee. It also comes with an efficient community that facilitates the companies to build massive, complex, and custom websites. Additionally, it offers a wide range of contributed modules that comes with a variety of functionalities to serve different issues. Drupal is also preferred for e-commerce websites because of its security benefits as it ensures continuous monitoring that helps in addressing the vulnerabilities more effectively. 




Another reason that Drupal development is trusted for building an e-commerce website is that it allows multiple payment options and to build various payment gateways according to your requirements. Along with that, this also allows you to set versatile pricing slabs depending on location, product specifications, and more. 


Apart from this, because it is completely customizable, it allows you to easily modify anything on the website, be it product appearance or shopping cart block. It offers greater scope for creativity in web design, because of its plenty of free and paid themes. 


Apart from this, Drupal with its multiple language support helps you to reach a wide audience. Because of this, you can take your online store to a whole new global level that consequently increases your sales. Choosing Drupal for building your e-commerce website is quite a steal as it offers quite a lot of features that are provided for your online stores like multiple stores & currency, tax calculation & handling, stock management, and discounts & coupons. 


So, these are some of the major reasons why you should consider Drupal for building your e-commerce website but to make the development process even smoother you will need professional assistance. Auxesis Infotech can help at its best as it is known as the leading Drupal development company that serves the best quality services with its team of talented designers and developers. 

Solutions To Improve Your Website Speed

Wondering why your website isn’t performing well? Did you give a check on the site speed? Well, slow load time is often the reason for any website’s downfall in performance. So, it is always important to ascertain that your website has a good loading speed in order to provide a great user experience to users. However, in any case, if your website is still lacking in its load time, we are here to help you with the solutions. Though you can also hire professional web development services for website maintenance, if you have your own in-house team to manage that, we will recommend the following solutions to improve your website speed.

Optimizing media files is probably one of the most important tips to improve the load time of your website. For that, you can compress the sizes of videos. Images, and other media files. It will certainly help you improve the speed of your website. In most of the CMS platforms, there are dedicated plugins to optimize media files. Besides, there are also a number of third-party tools that can be used to compress the media files. Caching is another important way that even professional web agencies use in their web development services to improve the load time of a website.

In case you don’t know, caching is known to improve the performance of a website as well as the loading time. Hence, make sure to cache information like stylesheets, media files, database queries, and more to increase the loading time of the website.

An important tip to improve the load time of your website and to boost its performance is avoiding too many ads on your website. It is a simple concept – too many ads increase the Http requests. As a result of that, it can affect the performance of your website. Hence, the only solution to this is to put a limited number of advertisements on the website. In addition, render blocking JavaScript is another important solution to improve the load time of your website. Whether you’ve hired professional web development services or have asked your in-house team to work on the load time, this is an important tip that you must ensure that your team should work on in order to improve the speed of the website.

So, these are some of the ways through which you can improve the speed of your website. However, if you need professional assistance for that, consider Auxesis Infotech. We are counted amongst the top web design and development agencies with immense experience, expertise, and all the resources to deliver exceptional services to clients.


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Judge A Web Agency By The Following Traits

Whenever it is about building a website, believe it or not, a professional web agency is the one and only solution. Wait, you already know that? Well, that’s great! An experienced agency offering web development services has all the expertise, resources, and market understanding to craft the best web solution and also to implement it. But, as they say, everything comes with certain pitfalls. With so many web agencies available in the market, it often becomes a question for businesses, especially startups, about how to find the best web agency. Well, fret not! We have created a list of some important traits that every team of professional web developers must-have. So, all you need to do is judge a web agency by the following traits. 

Judge A Web Agency By The Following Traits

  • Domain Exposure - Would you want to hire a professional agency that has never worked in your business domain? Certainly not! Hence, it becomes important to ensure that whether or not a potential agency has offered web development services in your domain in the past. If not, then the web agency is unlikely an ideal choice for your business as it will not have an understanding of the market of your business industry. 


  • Technical Skills - The reason to hire a professional web agency is to get an exceptional website. Now, building a website requires technical skills that not everyone possesses. Even there are some agencies in the market that are not proficient in their technical skills. Hence, it becomes important to ensure that the potential web agency you’re looking to hire must have exceptional technical skills along with being well-versed with the latest technologies and trends. 


  • Communication - Unlike the old-school criteria, the present process of hiring a professional web agency gives emphasis on effective communication. Since hiring a professional agency for their web Design development services means your website will be built at a different location than your office and maybe in a different time zone, communication plays a crucial role. It becomes imperative to stay updated with each and every aspect of your web development project and this can only be done through effective communication. 


Apart from the aforementioned qualities, there are some more traits that you should consider while hiring a professional web agency. These are professional code of conduct, appropriate pricing, portfolio, and more. However, you can also choose to avoid the hassle of finding the right agency by considering Auxesis Infotech. We are counted amongst the top web agencies with years of experience and expertise in delivering successful results to clients. 

How is a mobile app beneficial for business?

In this digitally enhanced world, almost everyone does have a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Unquestionably, this could be a major reason behind the increasing admiration of mobile apps. From huge MNCs to various small scale industries seems to be inclined towards creating an innovative mobile app. But the question is how? There are innumerable challenges one has to face while building a seamless mobile app and so it has become quite popular to hire a faithful company. There are countless mobile application development companies but to select the one that could fulfil your requirements is always challenging. This blog talks about the various reasons why one should focus on creating a mobile app for business. You can go through this blog if you are interested to know about the advantages attached to it. 



Attention from the audience

Every day, every minute, the technology has something new to offer, and one has to stay connected and posted. It is with the help of Mobile Apps, even the significant corporate sectors and small scale industries are enhancing their productivity by focusing on app building. There’s always a new update and mobile strategies that enrich the quality of your application. Apart from that, the relationship between entrepreneurs and clients have incredibly improved as the communication process has become entirely smooth. 


Complete Analysis

Once you do create an impressive mobile application, you would get sufficient time and data to analyze. You could simply track the activities, know the preferences, the products on which the users spent more time in order to understand their choices. You would be able to understand the inclination and propensity of the audience as in this way; you could establish a stronger relationship with your clients. 


Strong and Effective Brand Awareness

If you do create a dependable and trustworthy app, you could simply share more and more relevant information about its features and services more easily and quickly. It is one of the most likeable and easier ways to showcase outstanding products and services without any fuss. You could also create visionary and creative advertisements to seek the attention of the audience. 


Beneficial for small-scale industries

Many of the small-scale industries are still confused as they think that in order to create an app for their business they do have to pay a lot and so this is the point of hesitation for them.But the fact is by creating an effective and innovative mobile app, one could easily establish their business, get more returns by minimal investment. It is not that expensive and so huge corporations, and even small scale industries rely on this. 


There are numerous other advantages too but factually there are problems too. It is possible to face many technical challenges while trying to frame the development procedure and to get away with that; you must hire a competent and unwavering mobile application development company like Auxesis Infotech.


Check out the Benefits of using WordPress

Nowadays, the market is highly competitive, and one requires exceptional marketing strategies in order to develop and maintain its accountability in the market. If you wish to maintain a strong and robust appearance in the market, you are expected to create a powerful and staunch online presence of your company.  

Undeniably, creating an authentic and reliable image of the firm is not everyone’s cup of tea as it demands the support and cooperation of a strong and trustworthy team. In order to set up an authentic firm, you are supposed to place your trust on a well-grounded Content Management Platform such as WordPress. This popular CMS Platform has eventually empowered more than 35% of the websites approximately. Maybe this could be the reason behind the rising admiration towards the popularity of the concept called WordPress Enterprise Development

In order to gain considerable profits in the market, you can definitely depend on WordPress. The development process would introduce you to huge groups of experienced and knowledgeable experts and technicians. The WordPress Community welcomes you to establish strong connectivity with the specialized agencies, excellent designers and innovative ideas of renowned developers.

 As per the statistics, there are approximately more than 1500 WordPress meetings held that are conducted and attended by famous technicians and experienced programmers. By delivering top-quality services, amazing facilities and user-friendly experience, WordPress has established its brand name at the top. It attracts a huge number of small-scale industrialists as well as renowned corporate sectors. 

Check out the Benefits of using WordPress

Check out the Benefits of using WordPress -

1) Easy Setup and Management Process

2) It is extendable, flexible and stable

3) It is economical and cost-efficient

4) Free and Open-source CMS

5) Easy Management

6) WordPress is scalable and flexible

7) Easily accessibility for blog and website

8) Professional and customized themes

9) Most importantly it is SEO Friendly

10) Easy Customization capabilities

11) Enriching accessibility choices

12) Ensures enormous liberty

13) Allows extensive content customization

14) Comprehensive Programmatic features with efficient API

The above-mentioned features are the exclusive reasons behind the emerging popularity of WordPress as a steadfast and faithful Content Management System Platform. WordPress emerged as a blogging platform, but as the years progressed, its inclination and attention shifted towards becoming a loyal and staunch CMS platform. No doubt, dealing with the high functionalities one seeks the intervention of a committed and devoted WordPress Enterprise Development firm like Auxesis Infotech. The dedicated and passionate team of experienced and knowledgeable experts and technicians would help you to unknot the convolutions associated with WordPress. 

Know more about WordPress Development Services

If you want to build your website with the help of a Content Management System, you can rely on WordPress without any hesitation. In the present-day situation, WordPress is handling and managing more than 70% of the websites, declaring it one of the most popular and acknowledged Content Management Systems. This open-source program is user-friendly and has an easy customization process. So, there is no surprise that the company that seeks for WordPress Development Services are definitely in a better position, convincing many others to do the same. WordPress grants you the ability to keep a track and control over your website. It depends on choosing exactly when and how you are going to post your online content.


You do enjoy the discretion to make your plans and strategies for your website. WordPress also offers you the opportunity to create and customize your blog as per your requirements to avail significant information to your readers. Apart from that, to make your website look exactly how you want it to be, it presents a vast list of themes so that you can design accordingly. Not only just for commercial purposes, but even for personal blogs, and diaries, you can use this renowned CMS platform and utilize the WordPress development services without any chaos. To plan and propose a productive idea for your website, WordPress brings out numerous updates and services to make your work easier and faster. We at Auxesis Infotech welcome you to enhance and enrich the performance of your website by relying on our various WordPress Development Services


know more about wordpress development services


Check out the WordPress Development Services!

Here’s a list of services that appears to be impeccably enhancing for your website. Read to know more!


Custom WordPress Development:

The idea is to fulfil all the requirements that are associated with the website. Providing different kinds of themes as per to meet the need. Apart from that, optimized and attractive themes for websites to meet the requirements of the clients. 


WordPress Third-Party Integration:

To manage and use your data on other API without any chaos, and it is possible just with the help of third-party integration of WordPress. To proceed with this process, if you do find difficulty, the experts are there to guide and assist you throughout. 


Custom Theme Design:

The idea is to create theme designs as per the need and requirements of the clients. The motive is to deliver enhancing Custom themes for domains at affordable prices according to the condition of the clients. 


WordPress Maintenance and Support:

You can seek help from the experts if you do find yourself confused in the maintenance process. No matter if your problem is related to design, development, management or security, the experts are there to help you anytime. 


Woo Commerce Website Development: 

With this option, you can build an appealing, reliable and SEO Optimized e-commerce store. 


These are some of the essential factors associated with WordPress. Exclusive features and incredible updates make it one of the most dependable CMS Platforms. It is usual to face difficulties, but We at Auxesis Infotech provide top quality WordPress Development Services as the team of bonafide experts and technicians are present at your service 24/7.

Best Testing Practices for an E-Commerce Site

Do you have an e-commerce store? Is it working fine? Well, if so, that’s great! But if not, then it is an important issue to address. Whether you’ve hired professional web development services or have an in-house team to develop an e-commerce website, it is important to follow the best testing practices as a business owner to ensure that your customers do not abandon your online store. Though these testing practices are important to ensure during the development phase, however, you can run a test on your running e-commerce website if it is facing difficulties to maintain conversions. The result of the testing decides whether you need professional web development services in your assistance or not. 


One of the most important things to ensure is the issues with registration and checkout forms. If your e-commerce website is unable to hold your customers, there could be chances that you are missing out on some essential features or functionality in your registration and checkout forms. It could be no show password button, no field masking, and missing placeholder text. The navigation of your website is another factor that could define why your customers are abandoning your website. The navigation has to be simple. Make sure each of the pages of your website must have clear navigation on your website. 



Another aspect that could make you hire professional web development services to improve the conversion rate on your e-commerce site is the shopping cart. If you have issues with your shopping cart, then there are higher chances that your customer will leave your online store without making any purchase. Now, you must be wondering what issues can be there with your cart when it is working perfectly fine. Well, it could be your website features that might irritate customers. For example, if there is no option of changing the quantity of a product in the cart, no notification when a customer adds an item on the cart or removing an item is a complicated process. Your product pages can be a reason why your customers aren’t sticking on your website. Now, in the product pages, the issues can be item availability isn’t mentioned or no wishlist options. 


You have to create such an e-commerce store that complies with your customers’ demands and expectations. And if you need professional assistance in creating one or running a test in your existing e-commerce site, consider Auxesis Infotech. We are amongst the top web design and development companies having rich experience in delivering exceptional services to clients. 


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